2 Man Scramble Rules

 2 Man Scramble Rules
  1) Register 2 Man Team from 7-830 am
  2) $30 per team/ 50% payback….3 places in each class to top 3 teams of 30 target shoot
  3) Open Class and Men’s Release
  4) Top 6 teams will move on to Shoot Off…6 more targets….
  5) Scoring best arrow during 30 targets…..Shoot Off Scores both arrows
  6) Teams will be randomly matched with another team, beginning at 8:30 am
  7) Shoot will begin at 9am with shooting of pistol being the signal
  8) Each team will have 3 minutes to shoot both arrows during shoot and shoot off
  9) once all teams have finished…money will be  given out to top 3 places…50% of total money from each class…Divided
      50%…30%…20%…for 1st …2nd… 3rd respectively
10) Teams will alternate who shoots target first throughout shoot
11) Call 785-224-6255 with any questions….Rules and any updates or changes will be read day of shoot!!!!!