Club News


The Board is currently seeking volunteers to fill the following positions…


Range Captain


Secretary (for 2020)


In 2018 the Board voted and passed to change yearly membership dues from $100.00 to $50.00. Whoot Whoot! So anyone renewing or thinking of becoming a new member in 2019, we hope you enjoy the savings! You can find the application by clicking on “How to Join”

Starting in 2018, we will provide a “30 minute warning” prior to the 2:00 p.m. (pencils down) ending time for all regular shoots and the extended 3:00 p.m. for the larger Traditional and Williamsport shoots. Having scorecards in by this cutoff time allows us to present our awards and pick up our targets in a more timely manner. Therefore, those who have NOT turned in a scorecard by the designated cutoff time will be excluded from awards and drawings. The award ceremony takes place at the conclusion of the days event and signifies the range is deemed closed. Thank you for you understanding and cooperation as we try to be considerate to everyone’s interest involved.


**With so many questions regarding Known and Unknown classes and equipment lately, the board felt the need to review all classes in detail. It was agreed the main focus of the Club should be on keeping things simple, while making it fun for everyone.
After much discussion, the board voted to eliminate medals for the Adults which then allowed us to merge shooters into 3 basic classes (shooting style) with no equipment restrictions such as a range finder or stabilizer length. We believe this new all inclusive format will lend itself to a much easier range setup, a simpler registration effort, and alleviate the need for ongoing rules. Changes became effective June 23, 2018.

Kids Classes (no change*)
Cubs (ages 12 & under)  White stake     1-3rd Place plus participation medals
Youth (ages 13-16)              Orange stake    1-3rd Place medals

*These 2 classes will be the only ones getting medals based upon their score.

Adult Classes (no medals, 3 basic classes, 3 shooting stakes**)
Traditional                     Orange stake                   
Bow Hunter                      Pink/Green Stake
Open                            Red Stake

**These 3 classes will NOT compete for medals, but scorecards will be combined for a door prize drawing plus scores will still be posted on our website for your reference.